1. French ponytails.

Top 20 black women

And though we can t commit to prices without seeing your parts, we ll make our best effort to make.

60d bundle!

Our process will transition from PVD layers to DLC layers seamlessly producing films that exhibit excellent interlayer adhesion as well.

Braid hair piece!

After the preheat cycle is complete, the process transitions into the ion etching phase where product is bombarded with ions.

Long curly blonde wig!

This gas is the source for the amorphous carbon DLC coating. Using HEFs patented CAM technology, the carbon carrying gas.

Chocolate bob

It s true. Chrome plating prices seem to climb higher every day. Government regulatory fees and disposal of toxic chemical.

Soap process

  • Purple wigs
  • 24 inch x 36 inch
  • Tape skin weft extensions
  • Black hair curly styles
  • Mono$ bob